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    Meaning and Modes of Educational Philosophy

    Learning today The word philosophy is derived from the Greek words philia (Loving) and sophia (Wisdom) and means'' the love of wisdom''. This is the...

    Basic listening problems that affect students performance

    Listening problems and how to overcome them. It no now obvious that most students or candidates often not participate...

    How To Read In Passing Your Exams

    Complete act of reading  Reading is a way of building up what has what has been put down in written form. The written symbols are used...

    Petroleum as nigerias major source of income

    Petroleum as nigerian's major source of income. On this article we are going to discuss what is petroleum and why it is Nigerians major source...

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    God has no religion, don’t let anyone brainwash you — Sonia Ogbonna

    Sonia Ogbonna, the estranged wife of actor IK Ogbonna, has advised people to practice love because that is what brings one closer to God. The...

    FRSC officers demoted after fight with tricycle driver in Benin

    The Federal Road Safety Corps, FRSC, has demoted two of its officers seen in a viral video fighting with a tricycle driver in Benin,...

    Immobile named Serie A highest goal scorer

    Ciro Immobile has won the Italian Serie A highest goal scorer for the 2019/2020 season. The Lazio striker clinched the Golden Boot award after scoring...