Roles of parents in learning


Need to be taught on how to behave in the society

The physical emotional and intellectual development of a child from infancy to adulthood. Also parenting refers to the intricacies of Raising a child aside from the biological relationship.

The most common care taker in parenting in the question, although others at  an older sibling,a grandparents,a legal guardian,aunt or other family members or friends. Government and society may have a role in child rearing as well.

who is responsible ?

The task of imparting integrated sex education falls on all,but principally on society and family. The duty of civil society to bequeath to its members healthy altitudes,practice and benefits through its cultural values and educational system in gravely important,but we have seen that many civil society are wanting when it comes to healthy sexual beliefs,altitude and practice.the shortfall naturally filters into the design of the curricular they have for their schools. That leaves religious societies and the family as the last hope of this to I’m par genuine Integrated education to the children.

He further opines that parenting have both the duty and right to be the first and the Principal educator of their children.

Subscribing to the above statements kure Emmanuel asserts that the primary duty of imparting sex education in young children rests on parents.

Need to be taught on how to behave in the society

Roles of the parent

It must always be carried out under their attentive guidance,whether at home or in educational centers chosen and controlled by them. In the light of the above statement,the church reaffirms this in a sense of solidarity,that schools inbound to observed when it cooperates in sex education entering into the same spirit that animates the parents.

Futhermore, the spokes person says that the parent have the duty to discuss relevant matters with their children,but they ought to do so in a manner that is appropriate and discreet. Being the ones to lay in their children adequate foundation for a heathy sex life through informal sex education appropriate adapted to the age of the child, parents have duty to help their children among others things to understand appreciate and respect their bodies to embrace the virtue of self control, self discipline and chastity to love purity of mind and body to cultivate an attitude of self control ,self discipline an attitude of self giving to know the limits of their legitimate boundaries and soon.

the time for total silence on such issues is over parents should be able to discuss with their children in a manner that is candid and appropriate.

Pressure of different kind

A secondary school student once shared with me how her school nurse while offering them basic education showed ways to keep from getting pregnant and finished by saying that the only method that is 100 percent guaranteed in not engaging in malicious act at all course.

This little episode illustrate another way our kids are being pressured into marital affairs. This education is presented in our public schools. The problem is when this field is presented without a moral foundation,students are left with no reason not to try out what they have been taught. When for instance the course material states that an orgasm feels great what does he or she ought feels  great,what does he or she ought to do? He or she wants to try it out to do? He or she wants to try it out and feel how great to how great it is. After all it isn’t very practical to tell him to wait. To paraphrase the old saying a little knowledge about sex without any standards to govern activity can be a dangerous things especially knowledge without moral guidelines.

Therefore onyebuchi is of the view that parents need to pay close attention to the type of sex education their children get a school.

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