The university of Lagos wishes to inform the general public and it prospective students that the university community has released an e-learning program for Lagos State University.

Since the commencement of this global pandemic which has placed every institution in the country including unilag on hold, academic activities have been a forgotten stories.

The school has now set up an online base learning center which provides the general public especially her student with basic facilities for learning.

The university community thereby appeals to all students to take the e-learning program serious so as to get engaged in this period.

features of this E-learning program

The institution has provided an on E-learning app that gives you free access to so many libraries which holds millions of books for acquiring knowledge.

There are different sections in the Schools E-learning app, student are advised to switch to any that suits them.

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How to partake in this UNILAG E-LEARNING program 

Getting on this E-learning program doesn’t require much effort is simply and straight forwarded. Follow the instructions below to get started.

  • Firstly, you will need to download uniben e-learning mobile app.
  • Download latest version from HERE.
  • Open the installed app.
  • There are series of room which comprises of different e-library, choose from room 1 to 4 according to your choice.
  • Click on the + option above.
  • Click on forum.
  • Finally sign up as a Unilag Student and start sharing your opinions with your mates.
  • Enjoy and share with your friends.

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Public notice

All students are to partake in the E-learning program provide by he school until the country fights this present situation.

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