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The university of Lagos wishes to inform the general public and it prospective students that the university community has released an e-learning program for Lagos State University.

Since the commencement of this global pandemic which has placed every institution in the country including unilag on hold, academic activities have been a forgotten stories.

The school has now set up an online base learning center which provides the general public especially her student with basic facilities for learning.

The university community thereby appeals to all students to take the e-learning program serious so as to get engaged in this period.

features of this E-learning program

The institution has provided an on E-learning app that gives you free access to so many libraries which holds millions of books for acquiring knowledge.

There are different sections in the Schools E-learning app, student are advised to switch to any that suits them.

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How to partake in this UNILAG E-LEARNING program 

Getting on this E-learning program doesn’t require much effort is simply and straight forwarded. Follow the instructions below to get started.

  • Firstly, you will need to download uniben e-learning mobile app.
  • Download latest version from HERE.
  • Open the installed app.
  • There are series of room which comprises of different e-library, choose from room 1 to 4 according to your choice.
  • Click on the + option above.
  • Click on forum.
  • Finally sign up as a Unilag Student and start sharing your opinions with your mates.
  • Enjoy and share with your friends.

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Public notice

All students are to partake in the E-learning program provide by he school until the country fights this present situation.

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Hi am Joseph ngorka Student of federal  University of technology Minna, I love sharing information and keeping my listeners entertained do well to keep to the rules, I love you all!

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jamb news

Top secret in passing this years jamb utme exams




How to pass your jamb utme exams

It pains me a lot when I come across candidates or let me say jam bite who struggle to pass jamb utme examination or those who are afraid to partake in the examination.

Table of content

  • What jamb really is.
  • reasons why people fail jamb
  • .Possible ways in scoring above 300 in this years time exams.
  • Further encouragement.

Are you in the category of candidates continuously taking jamb each year of are you been frightened because of what you have heard, worry no more as in this article we gat a you need.

What jamb really is

JAMB is an legalized body or institution responsibile for conducting examination for all candidates who wishes to partake in any further education.

Jamb is just an abbreviation, the full meaning is Joint Admission And Matriculation board. The board is been headed by Dr. Fabian Benjamin.

Top secrets in passing 2020 Jamb Utme Exams

For one to succeed in any task, he has to know what he is to do and then work towards achieving it. Success in any endeavour comes only through hard work; there is no shortcut to genuine success. The same goes for examination.

In this write up, I‘ll share with you useful success tips that will guide you before, during and after your JAMB UTME.

Firstly, Prepare ahead of Time.

Time management and organization is an inevitable step towards exam success. Most of us will always wish we had started revision earlier and that we had more time.
If the thought of an examination makes you jittery, then you are probably not fully prepared. Of course everybody will be a bit nervous about an important examination, but there is no reason why you should fall apart and fail to do yourself justice if you know what to expect before you go in.
There are ways of using the days, weeks and months available before the exam more wisely.
Make a timetable that includes all your subjects, and think about combining the subjects you find difficult with those that come more naturally to you, so you have something to look forward to.
Use your JAMB syllabus to make sure you have covered everything and be sure to reserve in your time table at least two weeks prior to the exam for your revision.

Do the registration yourself, If Possible:

It is advised that you make yourself available0 at the CBT centre in which you are registering for the UTME. This will go a long way in checkmating any form of error that might be made by whoever that is doing the registration for you.
It will also help those that may be regarded as computer illiterates to get acquainted with the computer system, and this is very important as the exam is now fully conducted through the Computer Based mode.
It is very unfortunate that in the modern world, there are still many adult Nigerians that take the desktop monitor for the computer and of course others that are too scared to even touch the computer system as if it will explode at their touch.

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Every JAMBites should be able to at least have a personal e-mail address he/she operates him/ herself. If you don’t, ask your friends to teach you how to get one. Go to the Cyber café with those friends of yours that uses the internet.
If you can operate your mobile phone without going through any operation manual or asking anyone to help you operate your phone then you can as well operate a computer system. You only need a little guidance.
Thoroughly Go through the JAMB Brochure: Make sure you carefully read the JAMB brochure before doing the online registration. This will help you in making a perfect choice of the courses you are best suited for. Most JAMBites has never opened a JAMB brochure and this is why they always end up applying for the few popular courses without knowledge of other less popular courses which they may be better suited for.

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The former JAMB Registrar, Prof. Dibu’ Ojerinde, during a presentation at an examinations summit sometime ago pointed out that one of the few reasons why many students fail to gain admission is the fact that they often opt for certain courses like Medicine, Pharmacy, Architecture, Science Laboratory Technology, Business Administration, Law, Theatre Arts for admission due to their marketability.
Last year alone over 11,500 candidates applied to study Medicine in the University of Nigeria while only about 110 were admitted via the primary admission list. Now, we know that a good number of candidates that apply for medicine are considered very brilliant in their respective schools, so it ends up being a big fight and a survival of the fittest where most candidates with high scores still end up not admitted.

These wrong choices may also be traced to the dearth of guidance and counselling in our high schools.

Make Use of Past Question Papers:

Get hold of and study regularly past JAMB exams question papers to get a feel of what’s required and to see how well you could cope with the previous exams. The best preparation is working through past papers and looking at your syllabus to avoid any surprises.
In my time, I used the One Time Success series and they were very helpful. You can get any of the numerous past JAMB question paper series in the bookshops. It will do you a lot good.

Minimize The Use of Social networks:

It is advisable to reduce to the bare minimum your use of social network sites and tools when you are preparing for exams as they KILL an unimaginable amount of your study time. If you are the type that can’t help always getting online these social networks, try as much as you can to strike a balance between the time you spend on these social networks and your study time.
Invest most of your time on your studies rather than chatting away your time on WhatsApp and Facebook. A word is enough for the wise.

Adhere to instructions:

During the exam, carefully read the instructions on your computer all the way through and make sure you know exactly what you have to do before you start.
When you are ready to start, read each question more than once to make sure it really does say what you think it says. If you encounter any difficulty with your computer, call the attention of the CBT centre operator or the JAMB supervisor

Don’t Hope on “Runs”:

One serious problem plaguing the Nigeria’s Education system is wide spread exam malpractice which seems to have eaten deep into the university matriculation examination organized by JAMB. Because of the way some of the beneficiaries of this misconduct go scot free and the way these “runs” are publicly advertised, more and more JAMBites are tempted to join the cheating game. But mind you, apart from the long term effects of exam malpractice, most candidates that involve in such act end up disappointed when the result is released and they realised they were duped.
Take note, anybody that encourages you to subscribe to any illegal business is only after your money. They are majorly scammers!

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Don’t hope or depend on expo or any other form of JAMB runs to be successful in your JAMB exam. Just go for the exam well prepared and with confidence, you‘ll surely sail through.
With God All Things are Possible: At the end of the exam, don’t trouble yourself trying to verify the correctness of the answers you supplied during the exam as it will do you no good.
Always put God first in anything you do. Be in touch with him when you prepare for your exams, during the exam, after the exam and always. You‘ll surely not regret you did.

Other Recommendations:

The Use of English is the only subject that is compulsory for every candidate that writes JAMB and a good performance in the Use of English will surely influence ones overall score.
Therefore, make sure you read the recommended text.And with all this victory is surly urs in Jesus name Amen.

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NSCDC Arrest 8 For Selling Above Jamb Price




jamb news: NSCDC Arrest eight For Selling Above Jamb Price

The joint admission and matriculation board jamb has earlier confirmed the arrest of eight persons alleged in the sales of jamb form above the joint admission and matriculation board official price.

The suspect were paraded on Monday for selling jamb forms above jamb approved price which is N4,700  per copy.

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Mr. Cyprain Otoibhi, lagos state commander who paraded the suspects in Lagos disclosed that they were been apprehended when they were distributing jamb forms to desperate jambites.

Meanwhile The NSCDC has earlier requested permission from the joint admission and matriculation board to oversee this years utme registration,exams and admission which was later approved.

According to the spokes man Mr. Cyprain it  was discovered that suspects had been selling jamb forms at the rate six thousand five hundred (6,500) to eight thousand naira(8,000).

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Some of there names which was revealed were igwoku luckson,okarafo Elvis and others.

It was further stated that they had been running this for long on their own cyber cafe.

jamb spokes person emphasized strongly on how they were able to register those candidates when their cafe was never accredited by jamb and this has caused a lot of concern over the situation.

The news agency of Nigeria (NAN) also reported that the joint admission and matriculation board only accredited 71 centers to partake in this registration in Lagos state.

Meanwhile NSCDC chairman has assured the joint admission and matriculation board that it members will ensure that this years jamb registration,examination will go on smoothly and that its members are ready to fish out any one that breaks any rule.

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JAMB To Take New Look

JAMB To Take New Look

The joint admission and matriculation board JAMB will take new look for the commencement of this year UTME examination.

Following the report,The Anambra State Command of the Nigeria Security and Civil Defence Corps (NSCDC), has appealed to JAMB to partner with them for the successful commencement of this year utme exams..

This appeal was maid by the commandant of the Nigeria Security and Civil Defence Corps (NSCDC), when he visited the JAMB State Coordinator, Mr Cyril Mozie, in Awka on Friday.

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He tried in persuading the state coordinator Mr cyril,claiming that the Nigeria security and civil defense corps (NSCDC) will be assisting greatly in ensuring that successful running of this years utme examination.

He added that a special squad of corps have been trained for the commencement of the utme examinations and are able to detect any form of malpractice around the examination premises.

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In addition he further stated that the group has been trained to secure all examination centers and ensure safe conduction of the utme exams.

The spokes person Mr Cyril, Also emphasized on the past experiences the joint admission and matriculation board has had in time past and assure the board that such events won’t repeat itself.

He also assure the board that they are ready to find and fish out illegal examination CBT  centers tarnishing the image of the country.

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After a brief discussion with the board, the State Coordinator, Mr Cyril Mozie, in Awka appreciated the corps of it great deal in ensuring the successful commencement of this year utme examination.

Meanwhile he told him that his idea will be dully considered but jamb committees has to celebrate on it.

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