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How to set up blogger custom domain on Blogger using domainking



How to set up custom domain on blogger using domainking

It obvious that most time bloggers mostly newbies find it difficult to set up their custom domain on domainking.

Setting up you custom domain on Blogspot shouldn’t be that difficult but most times it gives newbie hard time to set up since they are new to blogging sphere.

Well on this article we have written a step by step procedure on How to set up custom domain on blogger using domainking.

But before we proceed must recommend domainking for it relentless effort in reaching to the need of it users, this means that they tend to help you out in any trouble may be in.

Step by step procedures in setting up custom domain on blogger using domainking

Below are the procedures to set you blogger custom domain in five minutes.

I will start from scratch, so you can switch to where you are stocked.

1. Visit domainking to buy Domain: 

domainking has been crowned as one of the best hosting provider in Nigeria because of it relentless effort meeting the needs of it users, so go to domainking and create an account.

2. Purchase a domain: 

After creating you account on domainking, click on domain and search for any suitable domain name in respect to your niche.Pick up any domain extension in respect to the country and location you are targeting.

3. Make payment:

After picking up a domain you will be directed on where to make payment, pick up any payment option you like and make payment. Now by now I know you no have a domain.

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4. Integrate your domain on Blogger: 

this is the place where most newbies get confused because they are new to the plateform. Follow the instructions below to integrate it:

1) Login to your Blogger Blog.

2) Now a list of your blog in your blogger account is displaying on your screen. You need to click on the blog that you want to integrate with your blogger blog.

Click on blog name

3) On the Left of the navigation bar you need to click on “Settings” as shown in the screenshot.

Now you are on Settings > Basics page in your blogger blog in which you need to make changes to integrate it with you custom domain name.

Settings in Blogger

4) Scroll down to Publishing section and click on + Set up a third-party URL for your blog as shown on the below screenshot.

Third Party URL in blogger

5) Now you need to type the url of the domain you’ve purchased and then click “Save” button as shown in the screenshot.

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Note: Keeping in mind that it must begin with www in order to work. You could mention or or whatever url you want your blog to be. www is preferred if you want to keep the blog on main domain.

Save domain name in blogger

6) You should see an error, and two CNAMEs listed below. The first CNAME is the same for everyone, Name being “www” and Destination “”.
The second CNAME is particular to your blog and your Google Account, and is therefore different for each person. You need to send us these CNAMEs record so that we can setup for you.

CNAMEs in Blogger Blog

How to enter CNAMEs in your domain’s panel?

After getting the CNAMEs record you need to enter those CNAMEs in your domain’s panel. You can use our quick blogger Installer to enter these CNAMEs in your domain’s panel.

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How to use quick  installer on domainking

  • Still on your domainking dashboard.
  • Click on quick blogger installer.
  • Now scroll below and you will see to vacant box which will be filled by your records on blogger.
  • Go back to blogger and copy both codes and past them on the empty boxes and save it.
  • In less than two hours your blog will be set. But if it persist Create a support ticket and contact them.

How to redirect non www to www on blogger

This is the final stage in setting you custom domain on blogger, the help of this is to redirect your domain name when www is not attached to it. Follow the steps below t o set it up.

Go to Settings > basic of your blogger blog.

Settings in blogger

b) Under Publishing section you need to click on Edit next to your custom domain name.

Edit b log address in blogger

c) Finally you need to check the option “Redirect to”.

Redirect non www traffic in blogger

If you followed this instructions properly your domain will be crawled in less than 2 hours.


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