Catchment areas in Uniben

The University of benin UNIBEN has released an updated list of catchment areas for 2019/2020 academic section.

The institution has been know for it high standard of education in Nigeria, which has lead to so many awards in the last few years.

How catchment areas work in uniben 

All schools in Nigeria has a method of admission and catchment areas has been selected as a method of admission in almost all institution.MeanwhileOn this article we are going to explain briefly what is catchment areas and it application in tertiary institutions. in tertiary institutions.

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What are catchment areas in Uniben

Catchment areas are said to be selected states which are being selected from other states or areas in an admission in distribution of admission.

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The University of benin, uniben has selected this method as one it most effective way of allocating admission in various states.

Updated list of catchment

Here are updated list of catchment areas in Uniben:

  • Akwa-Ibom State
  • Bayelsa State
  • Cross-River State
  • Delta State
  • Edo State
  • Lastly Rivers State

All states in this category are states which the institution is being located,their neighboring states or Educational less developed states EDS.

Impact of the method of admission

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As been said on our first paragraph this method has been adopted by university of Benin in the distribution of admission into the institution.On this method a few number of states are normally selected (some of this states are listed above) are being given advantages over the other states.

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Ways of implementing catchment areas

Now The institution may decide to reduce the cut off points for candidates under this category in other to enable them get admitted in the Instruction,

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Meanwhile it Is also important to note that Uniben is an institution with higher academic standard and as such can not compromise on its standard.

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Futhermore the difference in the cut of is almost negligible and does not offer any help if you still do not meet up with the reduced cut off.

Other ways of implementing them

Also another way in which this can be implemented Is the provision of more slots for candidates under this category.

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For examples they may take 5 people from each states and take 15 people from those who fell in this category.

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With this we can see that it a huge advantage for those listed in this category.


Firstly the knowledge of this catchment areas is disheartening for most candidates who wish to get admitted to the institution but worry no more as Uniben method of admission is strictly based on merit.

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Finally Allowed you have to do is to read hard to score very high in post utme and the school will have no reason not to admit you.

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