Bida poly in affiliation with futminna school fees for 2020


Bida poly affiliation school fees schedule for 2020

The federal university of technology Minna in affiliation with the federal polytechnic bida wises to notify the general public and candidates who wish to pursue this undergraduate degree programs in the institution that the school has released it annual school fees for 2020/2021 Academic section.

Meanwhile Candidates are been advised to follow up with the necessary payment as late payment may not be accepted.

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Meanwhile in this article we are going to review the complete brake down of payable fees in the Federal university of technology minna.

Complete brake down of bida poly affiliation school fees in futminna affiliated programs

S/N. Particulars.     Fresher’s.     returning
1 Tutusion fees.     N 35,000.            N33,000
2 Administration fee.   N20,000.       N20,000
3 Registration fees.   N5,000.           N5,000
4 Academic gown.     N1,000.             ______
5 Caution deposit.    N3,000.           ______
6 Sport and games.    N1000.          N1,000
7 Identification card.    N1,500.       N1,500
8 Clinic reg fees.           N500.            _______
9 Modern service.      N3000.             N3000
10 Library serious.     N2000.              N1,500
11 Laboratory charges.    N3000.         N3000
12 Student handbook.     N1000.             _____
13 Development levy.    N5000.          N5000
14 Directorate        N1000.                   N1000
15 Departmental.      N1000.                 N1,000
Total. N90,000.                                  N82,000

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Payment schedule for both old an new students
Period. New. Returning
First semester. 70%.     N63,000.     57,000
Second semester. 30%.   N27,000.   N25,000

Other payable fees
Acceptance fee.     N15,000
Swep fee for 200 level students.     N5,000
Late registration fee.              N3,000

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Bank details for payment
Candidates are to carefully study the details provided so as to prevent making mistakes
Account name: affiliated programs bida poly consult
Bank name: Zenith bank

Account number: 1015468845

Meanwhile you may use the comment section below to give us feedback or make any enquiry about the school.

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