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National panic as NCDC records massive new case of covid-19 

Following the report on Twitter, the Lagos state residence has spoke on Twitter following the daily increase in the pandemic and the stay at home oder which was given by the president of the federal republic of Nigeria.

The spokes person lamented on the recent out break of the virus and what the stay at home oder has caused in Lagos State.

He stated that many people in Lagos survive by the struggles of that very day and the government has declared a stay at home other which makes it difficult for an average man to survive.

He also added that the government has promised to be of great assistance to the public by assisting them with food stuffs and funds but the  reverse has been the case.

Meanwhile the Nigeria center for disease control has spoke on the issue that the government has been making serious effort in reaching to the demand of the people.

National panic as NCDC records massive new case of covid-19

NCDC spokes person pleaded with the public that staying at home is the only way to control the spread of covid-19 and assured everyone that activities will commence once the global pandemic is dealt with.

The board further stated that the public should disregard any form of information not coming from NCDC.

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NCDC Records New cases

91 new cases of #COVID19 have been reported;

  • 74 in Lagos
  • 5 in Katsina
  • 4 in Ogun
  • 2 in Delta
  • 2 in Edo
  • 1 in Kwara
  • 1 in Oyo
  • 1 in FCT
  • 1 in Adamawa
  • As at 11:25 pm 22nd April there are 873 confirmed cases of #COVID19 reported in Nigeria. Discharged: 197 Deaths: 28

As at 11:25 pm 21st April there are 873 confirmed cases of #COVID19 reported in Nigeria. Discharged: 197 Deaths: 28

Current Statistics Of Covid-19 Across The State 

As at 11:25 pm 22nd April, breakdown of cases by state:

  • Lagos-504
  • FCT-119
  • Kano-73
  • Ogun-24
  • Katsina-21
  • Osun-20
  • Oyo-17
  • Edo-17
  • Kwara-10
  • Kaduna-9
  • Akwa Ibom-9
  • Borno-9
  • Bauchi-8
  • Delta-6
  • Gombe-5
  • Ekiti-4
  • Ondo-3
  • Rivers-3
  • Jigawa-2 E
  • Niger-2
  • Abia-2
  • Benue-1
  • Anambra-1
  • Sokoto-1
  • Adamawa-1

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Stay Safe the virus doesn’t move people move it so stay at home

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