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Updates On Admission




TASU Admission list 

TASU Admission list 

This is to bring to the notice of the general public and aspirants of Taraba state university (TASU), that admission list of candidates offered provisional admission into TASU four years undergraduate degree programs.

All candidates who chose taraba state university as either first or second choice and participated in the just concluded utme can now check their names by login the school admission portal.

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Alternatively candidates can also check their admission status through jamb admission and processing portal.

But this process of accepting admission status on Jamb CAPS is mandatory for all candidates.

How to check TASU Admission List On The School Portal

The outlined processes are how to check tasu admission list online.

  • Firstly candidates are to login the school portal via the link below.
  • Scroll below and click on check admission status.
  • Now submit  your correct email and password.
  • Finally click on check.

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How to check TASU admission list on Jamb caps

As said earlier,this can be used alternatively to check admission status.

  1. Firstly Use the link below to login your jamb caps
  3. Go beneath and click on check admission status.
  4. Now your are to provide your correct email and password.
  5. Also fill your jamb reg number on the column provided.
  6. Finally click on check to access all your details including your admission status.

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Taraba state admission list preview

Below are some screenshot of the first and second batch admission list.

Furthermore to download the complete admission list in PDF click here.

vital updates

  1. Candidates are to proceed with payment of acceptance fee.
  2. Full registration and clearance for new students begins on the 4th of November 2019.
  3. Also acceptance of admission offer on caps is necessary.

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Updates On Admission

Umyu First/Second/Third Batch Admission List




The University (UMYU), Katsina State, wishes to inform the general public and candidates who choose the school as either first of second choice and who also participated in the just conducted utme that the school has released the names of successful students offered provisional into Umaru Musa Yar’Adua University (UMYU), Katsina State four years degree programs.

Candidates may now proceed in checking their names on the admission list by visiting the schools admission portal to check their admission status.

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Also alternatively candidates can also check their admission status on jamb admission and processing portal CAPS.

How to check umyu Admission list

In other to check Umaru Musa yaradua admission list follow the procedures below

  • Login the school portal via this link below
  • Navigate to admission status
  • Provide your correct logins.
  • Supply your registration number where needed
  • Final click on submit to check your admission status. Then you can no proceed with further necessities.

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How to check your admission list on jamb portal.

As said earlier that candidates can also use this process in accessing their admission status on jamb caps.

  • Firstly sign-in jamb caps via this link below
  • Click on check admission status at the bottom
  • Provide your correct logins as requested.
  • Also submit your jamb reg number
  • Finally click on check.

futher updates

  1. Candidates are to proceed with payment of acceptance fee to the required account.
  2. Candidates are to accept or reject admission offer on caps

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Updates On Admission

Basic listening problems that affect students performance



Listening problems and how to overcome them.

It no now obvious that most students or candidates often not participate fully in their academic arena and thereby coming back home with a poor performance and most times they don’t really know where they are lacking. On this post we are going to discuss the basic problems facing students in their academics

In a classroom environment,ineffective listening can make the decisive difference between success and failure. Ineffective listening is either a result of breakdown in the listeners concentration, or a or a revelation that he or her has not learnt how to listen well. Therefore the following listening problems that affect a child’s performance in school and how to overcome them are been listed below.

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Distraction (internal or external):

you overcome interns distraction by reorientating yourself manual to think differently. External distractions, on the other Hand are overcome by changing your physical position.

Listeners Bias:

having bias means holding a person or a view about something. For example if you are averse to loudness or noise,listening to a preacher who shouts will be difficult. When you prejudge a speaker as incompetent or uninformed, you will not pay attention to the message. You can overcome this listening problems by concentrating more on the content of the message rather than on the delivery.

Emotional reaction:

if you allow reaction to what you hear or debar you from hearing more, than your emotions have constituted a listening block. for example, the masses viewed the president comment on the fuel price hike as offensive and adjustably so far. He was he been reported to have said the following: No going back the way we successfully fought against the selfishness of asuu( Academic Staff Union Of

Universities) we must successfullu fight against this selfishness. However if there had been no room for both parties to listen to each other.the problem would not have been resolved. The goal should be to respond not react.

Incorrect interpretation techniques:

you can make certain assumptions base on previous acquired knowledge and experience. However when you allow such assumption to stop you from receiving more information,which may be contrary to what you already know, it becomes a listening problem. as a result you now miss out on information that can be of importance to the overall understanding of the topic.b
Effective listening is one that interpret the. message in the light of the speakers intentions.

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rather than concentrating on what the teacher is saying you are preoccupied with what you will say in response. Although you are giving the appropriate non verbal response such as nodding to show agreement or an interested look, your mind is thinking about your next comment.

Day dreaming:

it a normal phenomenon that an average person thinks four times faster than he or she can speak, the listener tends to have enough time to digest the message with extra thinking time left over.
Another cause of day dreaming is that attention span is intermittent in that it stops and start at intervals. You mat be there physically, you body appearances and facial expressions seems to show that you are participating, but you are not there mentally. To overcome this

This habit, it is important that you prepare yourself mentally for the listening activities. Begin to view listening as an active process( not a passive one) that requires you full presence.

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listening is a mental activity that requires mental alertness. If you are mentally from studying of physically tired, concentration will be difficult. Ensure that you are well rested before lectures and other listening situations.

Incorrect note taking:

you have not taking notes correctly when you try to write everything you hear the speaker saying. By so doing the chance of missing important points are high. At the same time,notes that do not reflect the speakers central idea, main points and general conclusion are incorrect. When you do not take notes correctly what you have misinformation . the antidote to this problem is to develop your note taking skills.

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Updates On Admission





It has been discovered that learning all over the country has changed from it normal state as may people don’t really know how to learn especially in an educational setting. But luckily on this great article we are going to stress alot of things on that area.

Table of content

  • What is the term Learning
  • Basic areas in learning
  • Various forms of learning
  • Factors affecting learning in Nigeria

What is learning?

Learning is the ability to understand,interpret and respond appropriately to what is been taught.

According to a report on communication activities, an average student spends 45% of the time listening and the remaining  55% for other communication activities, namely speaking, reading and writing. This suggest that we use our listening skills more than any other communication skill. It has also been described as the second most difficult skill after reading.

When you listen you do several things you select the meaningful important, relevant sounds and messages from the numerous sounds and messages you hear in the communication process.

This process involves using your language your language competence general knowledge cognitive reasoning skills, assignment,thinking and evaluating skills, assessment thinking and evaluating skills to ensure that you have received the right message. You also distinguish between important and unimportant information.

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Hearing is  different from listening. Hearing is the indiscriminate act of perceiving sounds. but listening is the selective act of making meaning out of what you have heard. Listening therefore is the active process involving threw basic steps, namely hearing, understanding, and judging the essence of the spoken disclosure. On this great article you will be introduced to the listening processes and types of listening process. Internal and external factors that affect listening will be addressed also on this great article. and also discuss strategies for effective listening and listening problems and how to overcome them. The last section focuses on evaluating your listening skills and the various types of speaking functions.

The listening process

Hearing: hearing an aspect of the listening process means perceiving, focussing,and decoding a specific set of sounds into a discernment message.for example you are listening to a report on ostriches and the speaker mention that they take in metal objects such as coins, they simply melt. If you decal this information,it means you are been able to process what you have heard from sounds to a meaningful message.

Understanding: the next step in listening process occurs when you take what you have heard and interpret it in the light of the speakers intentions. using our report ostriches, when you hear that metal objects melt in their system you need to think about what it really means. It could mean that ostriches have higher acidity in their digestive system.

Judging: after you have ascertain that you have understood what the speaker has said thinks whether  it is fact or Normal opinion by understanding it in the light of your background knowledge on the topic. How can metal dissolve inside ostriches ? If indeed the acid content in their digestive system is high then it is believable, since high acidity dissolves metal.

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Basic types of listening

Your purpose of listening and the type of material been presented will determine the type of listening that you select. for example a musical presentation will require a different type of listening form to listen from a business meeting because the purpose and the material of the two differs.

  • Attemtive listening: This type of listening requires full concentration and attention to what is been said
  • critical listening: critical listening in loves listening to and evaluating a message in the light of the speakers intentions and background knowledge from the listeners point of view.
  • Reflective listening: when listening to a message reflectively, you atempt to fully understand the message by identifying the main ideas.
  • Appreciative listening: to appreciate a mess means to to engage your emotions and feelings in the listening process. Appreciative listening could be illustrated when listening to a musical performance.
  • Emphatic listening: this type of listening requires understanding and responding tomother peoples feelings. Although you may not need emphatic listen in class room setting, it is useful in building personal relationship.

In summary a combination of one or more of the different types of of listening would sometimes be required for example in a lecture for class room situation attentive and reflectively listening types  are the most applicable and perhaps critical listening for open seminars.

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