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Latest Airtel Free Browsing Using http Injector



Airtel Free Browsing

Airtel Free Browsing

Welcome to another section, in time past we have unleashed lots of powerful VPN,affordable subscriptions and free browsing on other networks and our subscribers are like “why are we been left behind in this game and I do skip their queries.

But this month airtel has really improved most of it servers and this has improved their performance on Air.

If you are just visiting this site for the first time,we provide lots of packages that makes life enjoyable for all.

Ranging from VPN,Affordable subscription,free browsing trick and http injectors.

So if you are here for the first time,please kindly subscribe to this website so that you won’t miss any of our amazing packages.

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Meanwhile on this great article we have written how to activate free browsing using airtel http injector.

This http injector has lot of features which has made it unique among others,it fast connectivity and durability can not be over emphasized.

Some of the feature of this injector is been listed below.

Features of airtel http injector

  • Fast connectivity (connects really fast).
  • Zero disconnection.
  • Durability (last longer).
  • Optimum secured connection on the web
  • Almost zero ads.
  • Less configuration settings.
  • Simple users interface.

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Requirements for activating Airtel Free Browsing

the following items will be required on activation of this injector.

  • 3G/4G Network
  • Airtel sim
  • Download airtel http injector here.
  • Download configuration files from here, here, here.

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Configuratiom settings

Follow the instructions below to proceed with the activation of this injector.

  1. Firstly you need to activate a plan to use this,trust me it nothing. All you need do is to activate one social plan.
  2. Dial *141*1*4# and chose any of this plans (daily for N50,weekly for N100 and monthly for N300) I hope this is affordable.
  3. Open the installed app
  4. Click the folder like a box,near the gear icon.
  5. Now click on import and navigate to download and chose those configuration files.
  6. Finally click on start and start enjoying.

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Hi am Joseph ngorka Student of federal  University of technology Minna, I love sharing information and keeping my listeners entertained do well to keep to the rules, I love you all!

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Free Browsing: How To Activate 10GB On MTN




How To Activate 10GB On MTN 

Hello readers welcome to another section of our daily news on free browsing cheat, we have unleased a beautiful package that will amuse all our readers

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MTN has released another way it users can get 10GB worth of data for browsing and streaming.

This offer is not limited to anyone that is everyone can be a benefactor of this new offer.

One amazing aspect of this Activation is that it last for 3 months

Requirements on How To Activate 10GB On MTN

  • Your Android device
  • MTN sim card with or without Data

How to Activate 10GB on MTN

In other to get started with this free plan please follow the instructions below:

  • Walk into a nearest MTN office with your old 3G SIM
  • Tell them you want to upgrade your SIM to 4G
  • After that is done, insert the newly upgraded SIM in your phone
  • Now Text 4G to 131
  • You will receive SMS confirming your request and welcoming you to the 4G network.
  • Finally To check your 4G data balance, dial *559# or text 403 to 131.

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Important notice

  • You must use a device that supports 4G network.
  • Lastly To confirm that your SIM has been successfully upgraded, you will see the 4G  in your phone network signal area at the top.

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Airtel Free Browsing Cheats using HTTP INJECTOR




Airtel Free Browsing cheat using HTTP injector

Hello active readers we are hear with another amazing browsing cheat from Airtel that has been really blazing and efficient.

Meanwhile we seriously apologize seriously for not releasing any tech updates from Airtel as we were gathering all required resources for the week.

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On today’s post we have unleased another free Browsing cheat from Airtel using HTTP INJECTOR.

Features of  Airtel this Free Browsing cheat 

  1. Fast connectivity
  2. Reliability
  3. Provides a secured Browsing experience.
  4. Good coverage
  5. Capped at 100mb daily
  6. This injector is completely free
  7. No subscription needed.

Requirements on activation of Free Browsing cheat on Airtel

Requirements for  Activation of this plan is not far from other http injectors, get all equipments mentioned below ready.

  • Airtel Sim card without data.
  • Your browsing phone.
  • 3G or 4G network
  • Download the app from playstore.
  • Download configuration file from here.

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Activation process for free Browsing cheat on Airtel.

In other to Activate this free Browsing cheat on Airtel follow the procedures below;

  • Firstly,Open the Downloaded app
  • Open it and tap the gear icon
  • Click on import file
  • Navigate to download and pick the configuration file you Downloaded to import it.
  • Finally Click on connect.
  • It will connect before ten seconds if you followed the instructions correctly.
  • Finally don’t fail to the your friends about our service.

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Good day readers welcome to another wonderful cheat that has Ben unleashed from us by MTN the best network in NiGERIA.

But we have to be Frank with our subscribers, MTN is the best network which have been updating us with several cheats on free Browsing,so it is advisable to get an MTN sim which doesn’t cost more than N200.

Meanwhile for those visiting for the first time you are highly advised to subscribe our website so that you won’t miss any updates from us.

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Ok let get started with why we wrote this post, here with us is another blazing cheat from MTN, now you can actually browse for free on the internet as it is capped at 100mb per day and auto renew at 12.

Criteria for this VPN

  • Capped at 100mb daily.
  • Auto renews at 12:00.
  • It’s absolutely free.
  • Provide a secure connection.

Requirements for activating MTN FREE BROWSING CHEAT USING Tweakware

  1. Mtn sim card with zero balance.
  2. 3G/4G Network.
  3. Download Tweakware app from here.
  4. Also download the configuration file from Here.

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Configuration process for Tweakware VPN.

Follow the procedures below to get it activated.

  • Firstly, download the Tweakware VPN app
  • Then install, and open Tweakware app
  • On the main page, select Free Server- Auto Select.
  • Now in the second box below, select Import Tweak
  • Locate the config you’ve downloaded from this site and click on it to import.
  • When you are done, go back to Tweakware Home Screen and,
  • Finally, tap on Connect. It will connect within 30 seconds.

Don’t forget to comment if gotten.

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