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Previously we unleashed a super subscription package on mtn on how to get 2.5GB on just on recharge of  N500 also the plan gives it users free 500MB for just downloading the app.

Now with us is the latest affordable and reliable subscription for 2020 on how to activate 7GB for just N1,500

This bundle is amazing as it can be used for browsing,watching videos,streaming and others.

Also you don’t need to belong to any plan but rather free for every goo users.

On this article we are not going to waste your time, we will just get you set up to start enjoying this amazing package with lots of users.

Nevertheless if you are yet to subscribe to our website, just go below this post and locate the subscription menu and do so.

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Requirements for activating this plan

  • 4G/3G network.
  • Glo Sim card.


We are going to get you there right away,just follow the instructions below to get started.

  • First get you mobile phone and dial *777#.
  • Click on one.
  • Click on one for the second option.
  • And finally choose your plan (7GB)
  • But remember the plan expires just after 7days.
  • To check you balance dial *127*0#.

other available plans

Apart from this plan listed above there are lots of amazing plans.

  1. 1GB for N300 and it expires after one day.
  2. 2GB for N500 and it expires after two days.

Lastly you may use the comment section below to give us feedback or ask any question bothering you on the post.


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Activate 11GB Plus mid night streaming on 9mobile




Activate 11GB On 9mobile

This month we have published lots of amazing packages such as free browsing,affordable subscriptions,VPN,http injector and others for our subscribers all over.

A lot of our 9mobile subscribers has complained bitterly because of our attention to other network users,claiming that we are been partial. But the truth is that we treat all our users equally.

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Therefore on this note we have unleashed another great plan on 9mobile where you can activate 11GB worth of free data and free mid night streaming.

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This category has not been unleashed on any other network in time past.

Also 9mobile has developed it server there by making our users browsing experience dynamic.

Another amazing thing about this subscription is that it last for 30 days.

Requirements for this activation

  1. Any 9mobile registered Sim.
  2. 3G/4G Network.
  3. One time subscription of N4,000

How to activate 11GB On 9mobile 

  • Firstly in other to activate this plan you have to recharge your device with N4,000.
  • Now get your device and dial *229*2*36#
  • The follow the instructions accordingly.
  • Finally you can start enjoying you 11GB worth of data and mid night streaming.

Meanwhile if you find this post helpful consider sharing it with others using the share button.

You can also use the comment section below to give us feedback or ask any question bothering you on the post.


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Latest Airtel Free Browsing Using http Injector




Airtel Free Browsing

Airtel Free Browsing

Welcome to another section, in time past we have unleashed lots of powerful VPN,affordable subscriptions and free browsing on other networks and our subscribers are like “why are we been left behind in this game and I do skip their queries.

But this month airtel has really improved most of it servers and this has improved their performance on Air.

If you are just visiting this site for the first time,we provide lots of packages that makes life enjoyable for all.

Ranging from VPN,Affordable subscription,free browsing trick and http injectors.

So if you are here for the first time,please kindly subscribe to this website so that you won’t miss any of our amazing packages.

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Meanwhile on this great article we have written how to activate free browsing using airtel http injector.

This http injector has lot of features which has made it unique among others,it fast connectivity and durability can not be over emphasized.

Some of the feature of this injector is been listed below.

Features of airtel http injector

  • Fast connectivity (connects really fast).
  • Zero disconnection.
  • Durability (last longer).
  • Optimum secured connection on the web
  • Almost zero ads.
  • Less configuration settings.
  • Simple users interface.

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Requirements for activating Airtel Free Browsing

the following items will be required on activation of this injector.

  • 3G/4G Network
  • Airtel sim
  • Download airtel http injector here.
  • Download configuration files from here, here, here.

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Configuratiom settings

Follow the instructions below to proceed with the activation of this injector.

  1. Firstly you need to activate a plan to use this,trust me it nothing. All you need do is to activate one social plan.
  2. Dial *141*1*4# and chose any of this plans (daily for N50,weekly for N100 and monthly for N300) I hope this is affordable.
  3. Open the installed app
  4. Click the folder like a box,near the gear icon.
  5. Now click on import and navigate to download and chose those configuration files.
  6. Finally click on start and start enjoying.

Meanwhile if you find this post helpful please share with friends.

You can also use the comment section below to give us feedback or ask any questions bothering you on the post.


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Free Browsing And Subscritions For February




February Free Browsing 

February Free Browsing 

This February there are lots of free and affordable subscriptions our team has released on this great site.

Our tremendous effort in getting everyone happy can never be overemphasised.

Luckily this month of February we have lots of amazing packages for all networks in Nigeria.

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Ranging from how to activate 2.5GB on mtn ,how to activate 7.5GB on GLO,and other supper packages.

Also we have unleashed lots of powerful VPN that really performs very well.

Luckily on this article we have all subscription for all networks.

Latest February/march free browsing and subscription 

Below are list of free browsing and subscriptions.(February Free Browsing)

How to activate 7GB on Glo 

Here we are going to disclose how to activate 7GB on you GLO sim.

One unique attributes of this plan is that you don’t have to belong or migrate to any plan and it works for both old  and new sims

Follow the instructions below to activate this bundle

  • The activation cost N2000.
  • Dial *320#
  • Finally you are done

How to activate 1.5GB plus N2000 on 9mobile

One this plan you get 1.5GB with additional N2000 for calls and other.

The data can also be used for browsing, downloading and streaming of videos

To activate this plan follow the procedures below

  • Dial *320#
  • follow the institutions and select the plan.
  • The cost of the plan is N1,000
  • It expires just after two weeks.

How to activate 2.5GB on mtn 

Mtn has lots of subscriptions but we are only going to emphasis on one.

You can now activate 2.5GB on mtn by following the procedures  below:

  • Dial  *131*4# on your device
  • Follow instructions to subscribe
  • the plan cost N500

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Febuary browsing using VPN

The vpn we have released this year has been excellent because of it outrageous performance most especially in its connectivity.

But on this article we are briefly going to disclose three of them,maybe you can search the rest up on the site.

  1. Super VPN: this is the best VPN that has ever been released,it fast connectivity has been the reason for it recommendations and it also usable for all networks.  For more information on how to activate it read post here.
  2. Tunnel bear VPN: this VPN also performs well like super VPN it also connects in seconds and works for all networks, for more information on how to activate it read  post here.
  3. Stark VPN reloaded: this has been the most popular VPN,it also performs very well but works only for mtn sims. for more information about the subscription read post here.

If you find this post helpful,please pass it to your freinds and also subscribe so that you won’t miss any updates from us.

You can also use the comment section below to give us feedback or ask any question bothering you on the post.
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