Catchment areas in UNILAG


  • What are catchment areas
  • Complet list of catchment areas in UNILAG
  • impact of catchment areas on admission

what are catchment areas

In a simple phrase we would say that catchment areas are particular areas which has been set aside by an institution and are given certain privileges.

furthermore in institutions catchment areas are group of states that have been legally approved to attain certain privileges and attain certain favor.

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Also this areas varies in different states and are been set for so many reasons.

But their sole aim is to ensure that their citizens get admitted the more.

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List of updated catchment areas in UNILAG

below we are going to list out the updated list of catchment areas in university of Lagos

  • Lagos State
  • Ekiti State
  • Osun State
  • Oyo State
  • Ondo State
  • Ogun State

if your state is been listed above, then you have a Greater privilege above the others.

Impact of catchment areas on UNILAG Admission.

the impact of catchment areas on university of Lagos admission is negligible.

University of Lagos among institution in Nigeria has been known for its high intellectual performance in education, and to crown it all unlike other institution The schools admission is strictly on merit.

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but the existence of catchment areas can not be overlooked.

the institution practice it lightly, unlike other institutions.

furthermore lt is also important to note that most federal universities do not pay more emphasis on catchment areas, but where it is highly practiced is in state universities.

Finally All you have to do to attain admission is to smash all exams been set.

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