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Futminna Post utme results for 2019/2020 out,see how to check



Futminna results for 2019 out see how to check.

The federal university of technology Minna has released it result for those who participated in utme.

The most anticipated results I full out.

Statistics recorded 
Base on the post utme  outcome it was recorded that 45% of those who participated score above 200 and 25% percent scored above 180.
Also see: how to calculate unilorin post utme aggregate 

Candidates are advised to log in the school admission portal to check this.

Admission process begins immediately as aspirants are been advised to re-upload their o-level results to an jamb accredited center.

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Need to stay focused



If blogging is all about writing unique contents, keywords and publish. Then, I will use Blogspot and be pushing the struggle. But when you want to expand your knowledge and creativity, you then host your blog, structure it the way you like and optimize for the audience, search engine, and social media.

If you don’t know or have basic knowledge of WordPress please stick with Blogspot. After all, Blogspot users can make it. But if you feel that you can use WordPress regardless of what it may cox, then load your pocket for the experts or specialist to give you what the netizens and crawlers want.

The primary entities every search engine is looking on your site is your schema structure (snippet). If you don’t have knowledge on the schema, please keep off, else you will ruin your blog. I normally advise people to use Yoast if you don’t have knowledge of schema. Though one of Yoast SEO expert said “Nobody can give a real presentation on what google algorithm want” but at least we have the basic one google want. Yoast is so easy to set its schema (Article). But if you want to advance, then you can opt for more schema data plugins.

Note; Schema presentation (rich snippet) is like PICTURE, if you snap, edit it well and upload, many people will love and share it. But if you upload an ugly picture, nobody will like it talk more sharing it…. Maybe a family member will patronize it.

Mind you that not only google want rich snippet, FaceBook, Pinterest, Twitter, Bing, Yandex, DuckDuck, Searchenginedog, etc… All wanted rich snippet.

Don’t be like this person that messes up his site (on the screenshot below)

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How to build your SEO



Why should you leave your SEO to professionals?

For one simple reason, you don’t want to do it yourself unless you have a business where you do almost nothing, which gives you ample time to do the SEO.

If you are planning to do your SEO, take a look at what you are getting yourself into.

1) You must be Technical: Yes! You have to know some basic IT stuff, especially in the field of web development. Those will include; Designs, structures, and some web languages, such as PHP, HTML, JavaScript and CSS.

2) You Must Have Good Command in English: That’s right. Assuming that you are developing a site in English, you must be quite useful. Because if you are not a good writer, you can’t produce the contents that are badly needed for your site. Quality contents are vital to ranking on Google. After your basic web design is done, you will spend most of your time writing content. Additionally, you have to know where to position your KeyWords properly. Oh, by the way, did I mention that you have to research the KeyWords first?

3) You must Learn to Use the Search Console: Google Search Console is a tool that allows you to track your site’s performance. It also allows you to keep Google informed of the updates on your site/sites, so frequent sitemap submission or URL inspections and indexing requests will be necessary.

4) You must learn to use Google Analytics: This is another one. Google Analytics is also a tool to track your site performance. This especially comes in handy when you run Google ads.

Do you believe you are done? Not quite yet. If you really want your site to rank high, you must familiarize yourself with the Google Webmaster Guidelines. A pretty large instruction manual is full of DO’s and DONT’s.

Wait, there is more. After your website is crawled (Visited by Google), the Google BOT reports back to Google with the collected data. Now, the information will be processed by several algorithms. They have names, such as Panda, Penguin, Hummingbird, and so on. Don’t be fooled. They sound cute, but they are mean animals. Each of them synthesizes the data collected by Google BOT and come up with a decision where to rank your site. So, your final ranking will be the average of the decisions made by each individual algorithms. Therefore, you must learn about their behaviours so that you can understand how you should develop your site and the contents.

Additionally, the algorithms have updates and upgrades, so you might want to keep yourself informed of any Google press releases. Google changes very often. If you don’t stay up to date, you will see your site slowly fall behind no matter what you do because you are probably doing it wrong.

So, you thought you would produce monkey tail and sell online and make a lot of money? Well, now you have to quit producing Monkey tail to concentrate on SEO because you believe stories, it takes a lot of time and effort to do SEO properly.

But wait, there is another choice. You can continue to produce tails, which you are passionate about, and leave the SEO work to the professionals. Let the professionals worry about the Google Bots and the Google animals, so that you can go about taking care of your business.

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Top ways to rank on google




Journey to the world of blogging is not a smooth road, its all torn without a specific direction but all the road pointed to a tree with two branched head: Money and Passion. But the taproot to the branched head which is TRAFFICS is not easy to climb.

Some are crying for low traffics and trying all their best to have huge visitors, while those that have high traffic are trying all their possible best to maintain their visitors for the fear of going back to zero.

Some are looking up to their email every hour, hoping when to get AdSense approval, while those that recently approved are hoping when to reach $100. Those that have reached minimum payout are crying that it took them time and planning how to earn more, but those that are earning more are complaining of low CTR. Then, those trying to maneuver things get Adsense ban and return to zero.

Those blogging for the sake of passion need money to keep the ball rolling while those that blog for money need passion to keep moving when the road is hot. No matter your category there must be a burden and great task needed your attention and skills to solve it, but when you can’t, you consult other bloggers for help.

Your blog is your baby, you need to feed him three times per day, you have to pamper him, provide the things he needs to grow and compete with his fellow mate. When he lacks the quality of skills to compete with others, he will be among the losing team.

Never lose hope in blogging, if your plans failed to work, change the plan but never change the goal. With great power comes great responsibilities. The road is not sweet both the beginner, intermediate and professional bloggers.

Never be discouraged because of low traffics, newborn baby never grows in a day, with time and hard work, nature will reward your efforts. Better to be equipped before blogging than to start blogging before equipping your self because nobody is born to be a blogger! All start from somewhere.

Beginners cry likewise professionals also, but we shoved it at inner mind and pretend that all is well. My dear, deep down our souls we shed tears, we complain, hoping to get better one day.

Courageous is not the best quality of human characters yet it’s the quality that guarantees all others. You need the courage to keep moving on, encourage one today!

Keep blogging!

Never lose hope!

Struggle to know more!

Nobody has a monopoly of knowledge in blogging.

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